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I recruit, train, and lead commission-only sales teams for purpose-driven entrepreneurs with my signature Sales Musicology Method...

And I'll make all your wildest sales fantasies come true... 

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I'm Jessica Magoch, award-winning sales coach and swing hip-hop singer-songwriter and you're about to make your wildest sales fantasies come true... 


Have you ever wondered how your favorite song has the ability to transform your mood in just three minutes?


What can we learn from music to have better outcomes in transforming our clients to take action? 


This is what I share in my method, Sales Musicology™️, the sound barrier-breaking method that harnesses the transformative power of music to make your wildest sales fantasies come true, with proven results.




My mission is to get these secrets into the hands of as many purpose-driven companies as I can, so they can get their products, services, and ideas out into the world and build for them (or teach them how to build) a commission-only sales team so they can scale to extraordinary heights. 


Don't worry, you don't need to know anything about music to work with me.


Whether your team is creative or their creativity needs a little nurturing, I'll teach you how to leverage Sales Psychology, Emotional Intelligence, and Creative Intelligence to close more sales.


Hey, if I could build a commission-only startup sales team from $0-$100M in three years with no experience and a Fine Arts Degree, anybody can do it! Let me show you how.


Browse around, grab your free script, and send me a message to see how we can help. 



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