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Upscale Your Sales: Musings and Free Training from JPM Sales Partners

We get a thrill out of helping people like you achieve their sales goals so you can achieve your life's goals. We are all about crafting conversations that convert high-end customers by understanding the emotional and logical reasons people buy.

Your comments are very important to this community, so don't hold back. We are in a sharing generation and the best ideas happen upon collaboration. So speak up! We're changing the stigma of sales together.

Motivate Me Monday: What are you REACHING for in 2016?

Motivate Me Monday: What are you REACHING for in 2016?
What are your goals for 2016? Share them below! I'll be sharing mine on Wednesday! Jess
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Friday Fun-Day: Black Friday

Friday Fun-Day: Black Friday

While everyone else is out standing on line for four hours to save $100, you know your time is worth more than that! Spend today reflecting on your goals for the new year, because when they're in writing, they become real! 

I'll be sharing mine next Wednesday! 

Have a relaxing, reflective day, 



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What's Working Wednesday: Goal Setting

What's Working Wednesday: Goal Setting

This week on What's Working Wednesday, Goal Setting. 

Tedious? Maybe. Does it work? Maybe.

Some say goals actually limit you. 

Which is why I have a certain formula that keeps me honest gets us closer to our full potential as a company. 

Last year we reached our goal. I never wrote this goal down, but I remember when I left my job thinking, "If I could just make a 100k the first year, we'll be good." And we did. Just a smidge above. So maybe I was limiting myself by just having that thought? 

So this year, I am writing down our goals, even in this informal on-a-piece-of-paper format because


Since I have a few new services I've been working on and will offer next year, I decided what percentage of my business I would want those services to make up. 

I have three levels of goals: Goal, Reach and Stretch. The goal is double what I did last year. The Reach is double that, and the Stretch is 10x what I did last year. 

At first glance, it seems like 10x is just way out of reach. 

But then I broke it down into how many clients I would need in each division each month over the course of the year and the numbers because much more attainable. 

This is pretty vulnerable, but I'm going to do it to keep me and my team accountable and keep it real. These are our 2016 goals:

Service Price per client Percent of Total Comp 2015 Gross Goal (2x) Goal #Clients Reach (4x) Reach # Clients Stretch (10x) Stretch #Clients Clients Per Month or Launch  
Total     $105,000.00 $210,000.00   420,000   $1,050,000.00    
Recruiting $15,000.00 40% $105,000.00 $84,000.00 5.60 $168,000.00 11.20 $420,000.00 28.00 2.33  
Sales Academy Public $1,800.00 20% $0.00 $42,000.00 23.33 $84,000.00 46.67 $210,000.00 116.67 58.33
Sales Academy Corporate $5,000.00 20% $0.00 $42,000.00 8.40 $84,000.00 16.80 $210,000.00 42.00 3.50  
Coaching (six month) $12,000.00 20% $0.00 $42,000.00 3.50 $84,000.00 7.00 $210,000.00 17.50 1.46  


The last column shows how many clients we need per month or per launch (our public offering of the Virtual Sales Academy is only available twice per year). Those numbers are totally do-able! 

Now, because I know my numbers pretty well, I know I'll have to talk to at least three times that in order to close the target number of clients. And in order to talk to that many people, I have to have about 10x more interested (leads)... In other words, to enroll 58 students per launch, I need 580 people to express interest, and communicate in some way with 150 of them before 58 actually join. 

Stretch Clients Conversations Leads Cold Marketing/month Cold Marketing/week  
Per Month 30% close rate 10% conversion 2% conversion    
2.33 7 23.33 116.67 58.33  
58.33 175.00 583.33 2,916.67 972.22 <- total per month per launch over 3 month period (2/year)
3.50 10.5 35.00 175.00 87.50  
1.46 4.375 14.58 72.92 36.46  


So what are your goals for 2016? Make it real in the comments below!



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What's Working Wednesday: Direct Messaging On Social

What's Working Wednesday: Direct Messaging On Social

On today's edition of What's Working Wednesday, where we share what's working for us right now on this digital marketing adventure, we're talking about optimizing the followers and likes you get on social media. 

This tip was given to me by Ali Rittenhouse in her Monthly Marketing Success Kit and it's pretty simple: 

Every time someone follows or likes your post on social media, send them a direct message thanking them.

I've been using this as an opportunity to invite them to my mailing list. 

Here's the message I use: 

Hi _____! 

Thanks so much for liking my post! It was so great to see your name in my feed. 

I wanted to personally invite you to join our mailing list because I truly believe we are delivering some great content. You can sign up here: and you'll get The ULTIMATE List of Sales Tech Tools I Can't Live Without (most are free!) which are the exact tools we are using in our business right now. 

Have a great day and FEEL FREE to share :) !!


So far this has been converting great as well as opening conversations about working together. 

It's all about the follow up. Just posting something on social media is not going to generate new business; developing relationships does. 


Have a great day and enjoy your turkey tomorrow!



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Motivate Me Monday: Thanksgiving

Motivate Me Monday: Thanksgiving

What do you do to make sure the Universe knows you are thankful? Tell us in the comments below!

Happy Thanksgiving,



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Expert Interview Series: Fradel Barber, CEO World Financial Group


Woah, I just finished our first installment of the Upscale your Sales Expert Interview Series with Fradel Barber, a long time friend of mine and CEO at World Financial Group, a division of AEGON, where she leads a team of 400 financial services reps.

She’s been honored alongside NYC Mayor Micheal Bloomberg for her contribution to the Brooklyn community and is a member of the Pipeline Angels for Women, training women philanthropists to become angel investors.  You can reach her at @fradelbarber, and

Here are some highlights and quotable gems (click to tweet them out) from our conversation about goal setting, leadership, marketing strategies, competition, and the mindset for success.


  • 3:20: Fradel’s 60 Second Pitch
  • 5:30: Fradel tells us the story of how she got into sales. “I believe that everything happens for a reason, but you have to be open and willing to let it always have to be open to opportunity to make sure your growing and being the best you can be for your life.”
  • 7:20: Setting and reaching goals. Resource: Grab a copy of Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. It’s Fradel’s go-to guidebook on goal setting and mindset.
  • 12:25: The story of Fradel’s first sales appointment - that she didn’t close
  • 15:40: Marketing and prospecting strategies. Her answer is not what I expected.
  • 22:25: The competition. I asked Fradel how she distinguishes herself from the competition who may even be selling the same exact product.
  • 24:50: Developing a leadership style
  • 28:48: The mindset for success
  • 33:40: Advice to new entrepreneurs and salespeople
  • 36:00: How to overcome the status quo
  • 37:35: Final thoughts, advice and a challenge!

Watch video clips, listen to the full audio or read the transcript: 

Expert Interview Series: Fradel Barber, CEO World Financial Group

Challenge: Choose a big goal and put a hard deadline on it now (like right now). Put it in writing in the comments section to let the world know and see it become real! We want to see we’re you’re going!

Have a great week and don’t forget to follow us on social, too, and make sure you sign up for our list to get more cool stuff like this.




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Friday Fun-Day: Pitiful Pitches with Ali G

You thought your pitch didn't go so well? Take a look at this one and you're guaranteed to feel better!

When his pitch for the ice cream glove doesn't go over so well, he goes on to pitch a hover board.  What's amazing is how he got in front of these investors, including Donald Trump, in the first place!

Do you have a story about your worst pitch ever? Share it below!

Happy Friday!



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What's Working Wednesday: HootSuite Images

What's Working Wednesday: HootSuite Images

On today's edition of What's Working Wednesday where we share what we're learning on this digital marketing adventure.

We realized that using images instead of links helps grab attention and control what's displayed on social media. 

Problem: When we were sharing links on Hootsuite (our social media management software) different sites would pick up different images to display, even if we had selected the image we wanted in Hootsuite. 

The better way to control what people see is to include a link, but eliminate the display of the link and upload a picture. We use the same image we use for the cover of our post and the link drives traffic back to our post. 

Also, displaying an image shows up larger than if it is attached to a link, so it makes a bolder statement in the newsfeed.

The idea is that we use social media to get the word out, but we don't necessarily want people engaging there. We want them to be engaging on our site. 

The ideal image size to work across multiple social media platforms is 800 x 800 and we've been using Canva to create them. 

That's my tip for today. Have a good one!


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Motivate Me Monday: Achieving the Impossible

Motivate Me Monday: Achieving the Impossible

How you do you get yourself inspired on a Monday morning?  Leave your tips in the comments below!

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Friday Fun-day! The Worst Sales Call EVER: Tommy Boy Movie Clip Desk Demo

Fridays are just for fun at JPM Sales Partners!

Check out this hilarious video of the worst sales presentation EVER from Tommy Boy with the late and great Chris Farley. 

Have a great weekend! 




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What's Working Wednesday: Using FB Audience Insights to Reach and Convert Your Ideal Customer (even outside of FB)

What's Working Wednesday: Using FB Audience Insights to Reach and Convert Your Ideal Customer (even outside of FB)

It's time for another edition of What's Working Wednesday where we share tips with you on what's working for us right now in our digital marketing adventure.  Ironically, though our company focuses on the art of selling through conversations, digital marketing is a big and new part of our business.  It's quickly changing and exciting, so we want to share what's working for us right now and realize it may be obsolete next week!

This week I discovered how Facebook Audience Insights can have a tremendous impact on reaching and converting your ideal customer.

Here's what I think you can use it for: 

  • Developing a brand that speaks to your customer
  • Writing copy that speaks in her language
  • Creating a pitch that speaks to his deepest desires and motivations
  • Understanding who you might want to partner with that is already serving your market
  • Unconventional places to reach your ideal customer your competitor doesn't know about

Here's what's awesome about Facebook Audience Insights.  When I do my trainings, so many times entreprenuers and salespeople, whether new or veterans, have a very difficult time completing their ideal customer profiles.  The exercise I created involves getting deep inside your customer's daily activities and motivations by creating various social media profiles for them.  Students get stuck when they have to uncover information about their ideal customer beyond how it directly relates to the problem they solve, such as, "What is his favorite TV show?" "What email newletter will she never unsubscribe from?"  

The objective is to understand your customer so well that you could answer these questions.  

But it also gives you immediate clues as to where to find your ideal customer so you can market to him. Maybe it results in writing a guest blog post for that newsletter she'll never unsubscribe from. 

But I wish I had discovered this sooner, because it takes a lot of the guess work out of understanding your ideal customer profile (ICP). Especially since doing so will affect how you position your brand and marketing at a core level, not just for one ad.

Facebook Audience Insights gives you access to information about your customers based on their likes and profiles on Facebook and whatever else Facebook uses to get this informaiton. 

Here is some information you can gather from Audience Insights:

  • Gender
  • Location
  • Age
  • Job Title
  • Education Level
  • Relationship Status
  • Other Page Likes in Various Categories (Food, TV, Health)
  • Income
  • Home ownership and value
  • Spending Categories
  • Purchase Behavior for Various Product Categories

Here's how we used it: 

  1. Log into Facebook on your desktop
  2. In the top menu the most right selection is a downward arrow
  3. Click the arrow and select "Manage Ad" (you may need a company Facebook page for that option to appear)
  4. In the ads manager menu, select "Tools" and then "Audience Insights"
  5. In the left menu, under "Interests" type in the name of a competitor, public figure or company (they need to have a public page)
  6. Leave all other filters blank unless you want to learn about a specific segment of your market, such as women or those in the U.S.
  7. Make sure to only list one company at a time or the results will reflect the two combined.
  8. When you do, the audience insights will appear to the right. 
  9. Use the top menu to navigate through Demographics, Page Likes, Location, Activity, Household and Purchase Behaviors. 

Now you have a massive amount of information at your fingertips so you can target your ideal customer's interests, understand them on a deeper level than your competitors, and reach them in innovative ways no one else is doing.  

Let me know if you have any questions in the comments section and what new insights you've gained about your target market.

Have a great rest of your week!


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How did you get your first paid client?


How did you get your first client? Burning Question 11

So, we all want to know... How did you get your first sale? Can you remember? Was it through a referral, paid lead, ad, cold call, email campaign, networking? Sales people starting their careers want to know how to get their first sale, so share below in the comments section!


Recent Comments
Guest — Jess
My first client was a referral from my sister!
Friday, 06 November 2015 2:02 PM
Guest — Lisa Hine
My first client was my former boss! She remembered that I had some design skills and knew that I was copywriter... so when she dec... Read More
Friday, 06 November 2015 2:02 PM
Guest — George N. Luciani, CFP
My first client came from a referral -the best kind.
Saturday, 07 November 2015 5:05 PM
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Is it possible to be financially successful and spiritually enlightened at the same time?

In all probability, many spiritually-minded people would refute this, in view of the common belief that one can be either material or eternal – but not both. Conversely, one finds people in pursuit of material success, who share the belief that to be wealthy one must be underhanded in some way. After all, “it’s a jungle out there,” and, “only the strong survive.”

In the book, “The Spirituality of Success – Getting Rich With Integrity,” I contend that

It is impossible to be successful without simultaneously being spiritual.

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CONSCIOUS SLEEP: The Worst Disease to Hit Mankind

Over the course of the years, I’ve seen so many gifted individuals lose the success they deserved because of their emotions.

One of the easiest mistakes to make is arriving at a business decision based primarily on emotion. In the heat of experiencing the feeling, we invariably make the wrong decision. It’s important to note here that I am not referring to the “feeling” or intuition that we may get about a business deal or condition. I’m talking about making a decision while feeling angry, unappreciated, betrayed, scared, or even happy, confident, or fortunate.

I realize that feeling these emotions may be commonplace at any given point in a day, but it’s the intensity of the emotions that govern the feasibility of making important decisions. If your emotions are “in play,” if you’re experiencing any emotion to a heightened degree, positive or negative, hold off any important decisions, business or otherwise, until your emotions are no longer “in play.”

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In any one day, you have a limited amount of creative energy at your disposal. Much of this energy is depleted just in carrying out the activities necessary for survival and responsible living. There is no escaping these outputs of energy. However, there are many activities we engage in that are really unnecessary and waste our energy because they do not provide the bare necessities or bring us closer to our dreams.

Ultimately, your achievement of success will depend on how wisely you use the creative energy available to you.

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No matter what product you are selling there are a specific number of steps that result in completing the sale. Individually, we all have a certain degree of success in each step along the way to the final sale. In fact, an insight to the sales process is that each one of these steps is a sale in itself, and subject to the same rules that govern the sales process as a whole. The normal sales process is such:

  1. The Appointment

  2. Pre-qualifying

  3. Presentation of Product

  4. Objections

  5. Closing the Sale

  6. Cementing the Sale

  7. Referrals

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Abundance Mentality For Success

Thanksgiving is the perfect time of year to acknowledge all that we have to be thankful for in life. Whether it be family, friends or simply the fact that we awoke to live another day. It is a time to celebrate abundance in love, blessings and of course food! But, something that most people do not realize is that the abundance mentality that we share on Thanksgiving is elemental to achieving financial success in our lives.

When we choose to focus on all of our blessings, instead of that which we lack…we attract more abundance into our lives. (CLICK TO TWEET)

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