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Sales Recruiting by JPM Partners

We know finding quality salespeople can be a nightmare and the cost of hiring the wrong person is greater than not hiring anyone. We get it. We’re here to help. We’ve been recruiting salespeople for 50+ years combined, and after interviewing, training and managing thousands of salespeople, we have developed StealthEQ, the Undercover Sales Assessment. The assessment, coupled with our proven process for recruiting passive candidates, allows us to deliver top-notch candidates at all experience levels. Use our full-service fee-based recruiting service, or learn our process and use StealthEQ to find your own candidates.  


Virtual Sales Academy by JPM Sales Partners

The Virtual Sales Academy is an online, on-demand, interactive video based platform where entrepreneurs and salespeople refine their sales skills in a supportive community that uses cutting edge technology to get expert and peer feedback on every stage of their sales process.

We know that sales are made first emotionally and backed up with logic, so we teach smart entrepreneurs and salespeople how to refine their emotional intelligence to help people solve their problems! The next enrollment starts soon. Get a Sneak Peek!


One-on-One Coaching and Consulting

You want one-on-one attention with advice and strategies specific to your market.  You want a done for you plan that you can start executing today.  You want the burden of developing scripts, lead generation and presentations off of your shoulders and into the hands of an expert.  You want a training manual you can share with your team. We've got you covered! Our one-on-one coaching packages are available during limited times of the year.  Find out more by clicking below:



About JPM Sales Partners

JPM Sales Partners is a Sales Recruiting, Training and Consulting firm.  We get a thrill out of helping people like you achieve their sales goals so you can achieve your life's goals. 


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The information in this website is for informational and promotional purposes only. The courses and services we advocate will not make you an overnight sales success because you have to do the work. We're here to give you the tools, the insights, and the support you need to transform how you view the sales process and how you pitch to others. If you put in the effort, we know you'll reap the rewards.

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