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2 LIVE Virtual Sales Training Parties THIS WEEK!

2 LIVE Virtual Sales Training Parties THIS WEEK!

Times like these call for two things:

  1. Something longer than ten minutes
  2. Fun!

So instead of our regular Monday meeting, we are going to have two Virtual Sales Training Parties this week!

Tuesday, 2pm: for founders who sell - 5 things you can do without being icky or pushy to increasing closing rates

Friday, 12pm: for founders with sales teams - 5 ways to accelerate your sales during a recession by motivating your sales people and introducing structures so they perform at optimal levels, now.

Register here:

Don’t forget to bring a beverage of your choice!

And for those of you who need something a little more light hearted, here is a music video I put together with my kids - Covid-19 blues:




Thoughts? Drop 'em below! 

Have a great week!

Jessica Magoch
CEO, JPM Sales Partners
Custom Sales Playbook Designer and Creator of The Sales Launch Code




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