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Monday Morning Motivator Meeting

I'm sharing what I learned recruiting, training, and leading a commission-only B2B startup sales team from $0- $100M In three years so you can launch your vision and mission into the world with a direct sales team that dominates the market and makes competition irrelevant!

I go LIVE every Monday at 9am EST at to share some quick motivation to get your sales week going.

Come join me LIVE to say "Hi!" and ask questions or catch the replay here.

5-Seconds to Overcoming Anxiety for Salespeople [Meeting 26]

5-Seconds to Overcoming Anxiety for Salespeople [Meeting 26]

Not hitting numbers, office politics, irate customers, failing salespeople…Sales leadership is an intense role so I’m sharing what I do to overcome anxiety in case it helps you...

1. Stop & Reboot: Thoughts stem from beliefs which are created in childhood. Yes, being worried about that meeting with your boss tomorrow can be tied to being made to feel you weren’t good enough as a child.

2. Choose your belief: The Yin Yang philosophy states life is equally balanced positive/negative. When you’re anxious you’re only seeing the negative. The more you choose the negative, the more you see the negative, and the cycle gets stronger and more difficult to escape.

3. Force yourself to see it another way, even if you have to fake it: You choose which side of the Yin Yang you dwell in. This is difficult because your fears are also there to protect you from danger. But those fears also be the things that strengthen you if you don’t run away.

4. Prove yourself wrong: Look for evidence that your new positive outlook is true and prove the negative chatter wrong. That chatter is not “You,” it is your ego trying to protect you from change, rejection, hurt or loss. But you decide when to listen to it. Over time you can retrain your brain.

What could you accomplish if you didn’t have anxiety holding you back?

Disclaimer: I am not a medical professional. Medication is there to help temporarily but challenging your ego in this way has long term benefits.


Have a great week!



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