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How to Win over Channel Partners to Drastically Expand your Impact

How to Win over Channel Partners to Drastically Expand your Impact

This week we are joined by Donagh Kiernan to talk about winning over channel partners! Find the answers to these six questions, and more, in our conversation:

  1. Why are channel partnerships important and why should we care about them?
  2. Are you the right fit for channel partnerships?
  3. Are you ready for a partner?
  4. Does the partner have the right capabilities? Can they motivate? Do they have relationships with decision makers?
  5. Will channels work for you product?
  6. Will you proposition help partners meet their plans?

If these questions resonate with you, book your Partner Program Diagnostic for 30 mins for a fresh perspective on your Partner Program.

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Especially in times like these, when we are stuck at home during quarantine, it is even more important to be thankful for what you do have.   What you focus on expands, so if you constantly focus on failures, you will continue to struggle. But focus on your wins, even the little ones, you will keep moving forward.   This week we go over why it is important to celebtrate and how it helps you reach your goals. Find out more in this weeks Monday Meeting.   If you are not already with us in The Selling Rebellion, join us at We take a mind, body, and soul approach to growing business.   And if you haven’t already, grab your 8 Step Code to Convert Leads at


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