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7 Automation Hacks for Busy Salespeople [Meeting 32]

7 Automation Hacks for Busy Salespeople [Meeting 32]

Two weeks ago I talked about the 6 Pillars of Sales Management and promised I would show you how to automate 5 of the pillars so you can spend more time coaching or more time with customers, which only you can do. These hacks are guaranteed to put more time on your calendar.

  1. Check email 2x per day - I first learned this from The 4 Hour Work Week . I recommend Noon & 4pm; Avoid using your email as a task list.
  2. - Rolls up subscriptions and unsubscribes easily
  3. - + Doodle - For calendar-booking to avoid the back and forth of scheduling.
  4. Boomerang - Sends back Doodle and email for follow up after a given time so prospects don’t fall through the cracks.
  5. Google Tasks - Get your life in order and add tasks on the go. Create tasks from emails. Prioritize. I like to add the time it takes to complete so I can easily fill gaps in my calendar & use my timer to stay on task.
  6. Zapier - Create zaps to automate what you do manually, like sales reports. I have mine on a google form that automatically populates to a spreadsheet that I zap to the people who need it.
  7. Hire a VA : For everything you can’t automate, a VA can fill in the gaps. I found mine on upwork and we’ve been working together for 7 years! I recommend starting out with small tasks and building up trust. You can also use HelpScout to allow people to manage certain emails without letting them in your account.

Disclaimer: Sometimes I get paid for stuff I recommend.




Have a great week!

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