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Are you guilty of overselling?

Are you guilty of overselling?

I love sharing systems and building a sales machine, but today I want to share with you something that kept coming up in coaching calls this: Overselling. Here are some of the key takeaways from this week:

-You don’t want your sales presentation to plant objections in your customer’s mind. Information intended to overcome objections before they happen can cause the very doubts you are trying to prevent.

-If the client has said yes to the sale, advance to the close as quickly as possible.

-If you have made the sale and gotten a “yes” from the customer, proceed with the closing process, such as an application. Don’t wait for the client to tell you what the next steps are. Questioning if the customer is ready to proceed is inviting them to doubt their decision to move forward.

-The bigger question to ask yourself is, “Why am I overselling?” What doubts to I have that I’m assuming my clients will have? What work do I need to do to be more confident selling this product?” If you have doubts about your product, the first person you need to sell is yourself!




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