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Monday Morning Motivator Meeting

I'm sharing what I learned recruiting, training, and leading a commission-only B2B startup sales team from $0- $100M In three years so you can launch your vision and mission into the world with a direct sales team that dominates the market and makes competition irrelevant!

I go LIVE every Monday at 9am EST at to share some quick motivation to get your sales week going.

Come join me LIVE to say "Hi!" and ask questions or catch the replay here.

Big Announcement & I need your help (Doritos are at stake)... [Meeting 23]

Big Announcement & I need your help (Doritos are at stake)... [Meeting 23]


The Sales Launch Code is off to a great start, with:

  • 29 students, already doubling their closing rates with deals in the millions (with big names like PepsiCo)...
  • They’re mostly B2B Tech founders and salespeople selling new products with no sales experience and with a natural aversion to selling (which actually makes them really good at selling)…
  • An extremely high-caliber group of smart, sophisticated entrepreneurs, supporting each other’s sales goals...
  • It uniquely takes a mind/body/soul approach to selling with a step-by-step method, the same accelerated training I gave all my new salespeople that launched us from $0-$100M in three years

It’s the ultimate group coaching program for B2B and High Ticket Direct to Consumer Startup Founders and Professional Salespeople….

I’m sharing the exact formula that worked for us, so you can just duplicate it for your business and get massive results, too.

I never imagined being a sales coach, but these results are truly addictive… and every time I save the world from another boring sales demo I get reinvigorated to complete my mission…

But… I need your help to reach our launch goal…

Our introductory rate of $97 per month (75% off) is available to the first 100 students only, after which the price will increase incrementally for new members.

As part of our launch phase, I’m continuing to offer some insanely delicious bonuses so keep posted on those… They’ll come with short notice and expire quickly.

But (here’s where the Doritos comes in)...

I’m not totally motivated by money... I literally could live in a shack on the beach and be totally happy…

But I AM motivated by FOOD... and the 7 pounds I’ve stacked on since launching has me moving in slo-mo in karate…

So I’ll be going on a cleanse until we reach 100 students.

Which means no Doritos!

I figure, every time I want Doritos, I’ll just put the energy into promoting the program…

So there are a few ways you can help get me closer to Doritos and reach our launch goal of 100 students:

  1. Share this link or join me in a live (yes, really live) FREE training Wednesday at 2 pm EST. The Science Behind Why People REALLY Buy: The best sales advice I’ve ever received that launched me to 9 figures… and the same training I’m invited back regularly to teach at Wharton Startup Accelerators. I’ll be running it every Wednesday LIVE until we reach our goal.
  2. If you’re an an entrepreneur or salesperson selling B2B or High Ticket Direct to Consumer, and you feel like you’re on a launchpad, with your engine revved up and ready to skyrocket, but you just need someone to unlock the code to launch your mission, join me in The Sale Launch Code and to secure your $97 intro rate: (link expires at 100 uses)
  3. Comment, like, and share our social media posts (it really does make a difference)


Thank you so much in advance for believing in The Sales Launch Code and helping us reach our mission of helping you!



Have a great week!




PS. If all this talk of Doritos has you craving some, I want to thank you for referring members to the Sales Launch Code with the Doritos The Ultimate Summer Snack Selection Box … Yep.. you read right. To claim yours, you need to let me know the name of the student you referred who enrolled. Oh gosh… I’m getting hungry already. 
Let’s Lunch!
I mean.. 

Have a great week!
Jessica Magoch
CEO, JPM Sales Partners
Creator of The Sales Launch Code: Six weeks from startup to conversion machine

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