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Does Goal Setting Even Freakin' Work?: A modern spiritual perspective on an ancient business principle.

Does Goal Setting Even Freakin' Work?: A modern spiritual perspective on an ancient business principle.

Here’s the argument on the one side:  

If you don’t set goals you can’t reach them.

There’s almost a ‘duh!’ factor to it.  Like if you don’t make a shopping list, you can’t go grocery shopping.  

Well, I’ve made plenty a grocery trip without a list and have done just fine.

I get it.

If you want to reach a big goal, you have to break it up into parts that can be done on a daily basis.  

The “How do you eat an elephant?” theory.

And, if you are CEO of a company and the stockholders ask you what your projected earnings are for the next year, you can’t just say,

“We’re not setting goals this year, we’ll just see what happens.”

So here’s the other side of the argument:

If you are into spirituality and meditation (and I totally am) and learning about the limits of the mind on the soul, and the difference between the soul and the ego...Then you know that

it is impossible to set a goal that will actually help us reach our full potential.  

Because we can’t see our full potential.  

At least, our minds can’t see our full potential.

So we can say, “My goal this year is to get to $X Revenue,” or “Y Promotion”

But these goals that you cite:  What if it’s only half of what you’re capable of?  

Or 1/10?

But you’re too afraid to create a big goal you won’t reach so you settle for something just above mediocre.

And is this goal really your dream?

When you dream, is this what you dream about?

Is this what you are willing to die for?

Wake up early for?

Or is it an arbitrary revenue goal that is just higher than last year?

Or the revenue goal you think will get you closer to your “real” dream? (

If our mind and our ego are creating our goals (the soul is neither task oriented nor linear) than it is impossible to set a goal that will near us to our potential.  

Our destiny.  

It’s somewhere in the middle there.. because

fate is what our life becomes when we let other people steer our boat (ex/ someone is in charge of us getting a raise, getting a promotion, etc),

whereas destiny is the path you take when you’ve decided to pursue your highest potential and are in the driver’s seat.

Fate Vs Destiny ImageWhat my father suggests in his book, is to create an objective, not a goal. This is how I was raised and those who know him are interminably frustrated by his ability to

get things done whilst

meditating on solitaire and sudoku.

Your objective is your big picture.  

Your dream board.  

It’s what you see when you have those glimpses of no limits where you imagine a life,


where you’re floating above the worries and stresses of the mundane

(stresses we create, by the way).

You might wonder, “Well, how will I get to my objective if I don’t break them down into smaller goals and then daily tasks to get there?“

Well, here’s what I’m purporting:

What if you’re wrong? What if you’re wrong about how you’re supposed to get somewhere?

I’m sitting here at my desk with the cold of winter encroaching upon us and a tissue box that has a scene of an island in Fiji, or the Caribbean or some other magical place.  I could say my objective is to live a peaceful life on the beach in the Caribbean.  And so to do that my company needs to make $X so I can sell it for $Y and then retire to my beachfront hut (where hurricanes never tread btw) and homeschool my children while running an online business.  

But the reality is, I can move my family to an island right now if I wanted to.  

Right now.  

So why don’t I?

Is it our propensity to live for the future and not in the present? That we are taught all our lives to work hard and then you will get a reward?  

So we work harder and harder.

And we learned that delayed gratification is a virtue.

So we keep waiting.

And hoping.

And wishing.

The harder we work the higher the reward.  

So we work harder and harder.  

Another five years.

One more promotion.

One more ...

The point is that perhaps where we want to be, our destiny, our higher objective, does not have a linear path we can define and follow.  

If we trust in the Universe and the Law of Attraction, once we set the intention, and have faith….


then the Universe, my conscious Self and my sub-conscious Self will work to make it a reality.

Because in many ways, it already is.

God does not give you the ability to dream without also giving you the tools make the dream come true.

So perhaps it is the goals that limit us.

Objectives expand us.

Perhaps assuming we know how to get from A-Z is closing us off to the limitless opportunities the Universe has in store for us.

Perhaps this year, we just need to show up.

Just. Show. Up.

Be open.

Know where you’re going,

start saying “yes,” to opportunity,

and let the universe take you there.  

Sat Nam,


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