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Jessica Paige Band Website Cover

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Don’t make these 3 mistakes when training a new salesperson [Meeting 24]

Don’t make these 3 mistakes when training a new salesperson [Meeting 24]


The 3 Big Mistakes Training New Reps:

1. Too much product training; not enough sales training. Your rep only needs to know as much as the customer needs to know to buy (and have access to you for everything else). Spend the time teaching them how to sell instead (even if they say they already know how to sell). It’s the best way to arm them for whatever challenges they face.

2. Not systematized and automated: Without a system, you’ll have inconsistent training. You won’t remember who you said what to. With it, you can work to automate so the salesperson trains themselves on autopilot.

3. Not comprehensive... Because you’re squeezing in sales training in your already crazy schedule. When your system is automated, you’re not locked in a training room. Remember, your new rep has more time than ever and more enthusiasm than ever, so now’s a great time to test how they self manage.

Grab my free Script, a fill-in-the-blank sales training manual for your team, with tons of resources to help complete it and an invitation to work with me to get your playbook done.





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3. Let us build your Sales Training program side-by-side with you, or totally done for you. Click here to book a Discovery Call and see if sinessssM bua f for 1if you’ve a

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