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Feel like you‘re not getting the right opportunities? Say yes more!

Feel like you‘re not getting the right opportunities? Say yes more!

When I started JPM Sales Partners, I wanted to build commission-only sales teams for start-ups. Instead, I was helping with general recruitment and sales strategies. These were all things that aligned with my skill-set and know-how, but were not in the direction I wanted to go. People were telling me I should say no to these opportunities and keep my eye on the prize, BUT:

  • Go with your first instinct - if it is to say yes, go for it!
  • Even if you know where you want to end up, you don’t always know what is going to get you there
  • Even if you aren‘t going in the exact direction you wanted, it‘s probably somewhere good
  • The more opportunities you say yes to, the more opportunities will come your way (say no enough and opportunities will skip you over)

Start saying yes to things that fall into your lap and see what happens. After all, that‘s how I got here, and I would say it‘s pretty great!



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Jessica Magoch
CEO, JPM Sales Partners
Custom Sales Playbook Designer and Creator of The Sales Launch Code




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