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People Who Hate Selling are Doing It Wrong [Meeting 45]

People Who Hate Selling are Doing It Wrong [Meeting 45]

I love this post I saw on Facebook about how Marilyn Monroe helped Ella Fitzgerald in her career. It’s an example of how successful people help others freely and that success is not an independent journey…

This Thanksgiving and Holiday season is a balance of giving and receiving.  If either is out of balance, you will feel depleted, sick, depressed and anxious. My yoga teacher used to call it “emotional constipation or depletion.” We’re either giving too much and feeling depleted because we’re not open to receive, or we’re taking more than we’re giving, which leads to emotional constipation of sorts. 


It’s a great balance to be aware of this season to stay healthy physically and emotionally but also applies to sales. If commissions and sales are the gift, the part we receive, then the sales consult and sales process has to be in the spirit of giving. If you think of prospecting, following up, and selling as giving, rather than asking for something, you’ll feel less anxious and more available to listen and advise. 


People who say, “I hate selling,” are really saying, “I hate asking people for money.” They have missed the part about helping and being of service. They are simply approaching it with the wrong mindset. Don’t sell, help. And never sell something you don’t really believe in. 


I also share a great exercise to do with your team called $100 bills to practice this mindset.



Have a great week!


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