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How to Generate B2B Sales Leads from Social Media (Part 3 of 3) [Meeting 29]

How to Generate B2B Sales Leads from Social Media (Part 3 of 3) [Meeting 29]

I’m happy to have on my show social media strategy expert, Beverley Theresa, creator of Social Media Throwdown, to talk about how to generate leads from social media for your B2B sales team.  Now that you have a strategy and you know where to post, how often and what should you post??

STEP THREE: Know what to Post and When

  • Go back to your Ideal Client. What are their pain points? Look at frequently asked questions.
  • Have the answer in your post because posts without links rank higher for all platforms.
  • But ideally, you want to send them back to your website where they’re more likely to take additional actions.
  • Tracking: What is the goal? Likes and comments don’t mean anything unless you’re getting leads.
  • When to post: What is your ideal client doing during the day? When do they hang out on Social Media? That’s when you want to schedule your posts.
  • Know the lifetime of a post for your platform. For instance, a Tweet only lasts 9 minutes, so you need to post multiple times a day! If you don’t have valuable content, however, don’t post anything.
  • Take once a week to schedule out your posts for the week. Beverly recommends Facebook 3x week, Instagram 3x a day, LinkedIn 3-4x a week, Twitter 3-5x a day.
  • Whatever you do, don’t connect with people and then try to sell them something right away. Yuck

You can catch up with Beverly at and follow her all over social for more great tips, updates, and advice at @hellobeverly

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