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How to Turn a No-Show Into a Sale + Bradley Cooper

How to Turn a No-Show Into a Sale + Bradley Cooper

When prospects no-show it can feel like a really bad first date -. 


Sitting there at the bar. 


Looking at your nails. 


Scrolling through Facebook. 


Surely, he must arrive soon. 


Flinching with every notification, hoping it’s the bell on your Zoom room ringing. 


I know.


I’ve been there. 


I AM there. 


I’m not one of those sales coaches that became a sales coach cause they can’t sell. When I take on a new client, I always start by selling the product myself so I can refine the sales process before we start duplicating it and scaling to massive heights.


And part of showing up to those calls…. 


Is showing up by myself. 


“All by myself----  don’t wanna be… All by myself, anymore.”  🎶


But I have a particular way I turn these no-shows into cold hard cash… 


So I went live in The Selling Rebellion last week 


(That’s my really rad Facebook group which you should totally join where I will actually answer your sales questions and sometimes sing to you, too)


To share my secrets for turning no-shows into sales. 


(Keep reading if you’re just here for Bradley Cooper).


So here’s the deal. 


You have an appointment. 


You both have said appointment in your calendars. 


You arrive on-time ready to go, got your hair ‘did, re-applied your lip gloss, did your pre-call homework... 


And then you sit there and wait and wait. 


And wait.


And then you start getting pissed off. 


And when you realize it’s ten after and this isn’t happening… 


You start swirling up ideas of how you’re gonna send them some deprecating message… 


“It’s so f’ing rude of you not to show up. 


Don’t you know my time is valuable? 


Don’t you know this is how I make money? 


Don’t you know this is like stealing money from me???!!! 


I want my money back.” 


Do I exaggerate?




Because the reason why people mess up turning no-shows into sales is mainly because they take it personally. 


And that is why it literally feels like someone is taking something from you and you are being victimized. 


Turning around a victim mindset is not what this is about - we can go into that another time. 


But know that if you tend to go to the “woe is me,” saga every time something happens that you perceive as negative…


Then you’re walking around with a victim mindset which is the main thing holding you back from getting the life you want. 


I use language as clues:


“He no-showed me.” 


“I got ghosted.”


“They stood me up...” 


Are all indications that you see yourself as the victim, that something happens “to you,” instead of it just happening. 


It’s not just a flip of the switch to move beyond that. It takes time and mindset coaching. 


If you have a victim mindset, then you are gonna slink away from trying to turn this into a sale because you’re hurt and insulted. 


So the first step is: 



DON’T: Take it personally;

DO:  Give them the benefit of the doubt. 


You know how I learned this? By sending a client a snarky message and being embarrassed when they answered they couldn’t make it cause their son was in the emergency room. 


And 9 times out of 10, the client has a good reason for not showing up, even if you don’t think it’s a good reason. 


Maybe they really had to poop and have been back to back on Zoom calls all day and when they see the next call is with a salesperson they take the opportunity to run to the lieu.  Idk.  Not your job to judge. 




DON’T: Confirm meetings

DO: Tell your clients you don’t confirm meetings. 


Now, I know what you’re thinking: Why would I NOT want to confirm meetings? 


Why would I want to waste my time if someone’s not going to show? 


Here’s why: Because if you watched my sales lesson The Science Behind Why People REALLY Buy (if you missed it, it’s archived in The Selling Rebellion under “Units”)


Then you know that:


“People don’t want to change. 

Sir Isaac Newton taught us that. 

They’re gonna resist a new thang... 

And that my friend is a fact.”


(Yes, I wrote that. For you.)


So if people naturally resist change with all their might, but in a moment of weakness when they saw your ad or email or website or whatever, they were inspired to take action and book a call. 


And then time went by. 


And guess what happened to that fleeting moment of inspiration? 


It fled. 


So by the time it comes to actually taking your call… 


A ton of other crap has come up in their life that is seemingly more important than what you’re selling. 


I know, I know. NOTHING is more important than what you’re selling. I get it. But they don’t… yet. 


And when they get that text a few minutes before... 


With emails piling up and their kids screaming for a snack or another round of Fortnight… 


It’s the perfect opportunity to say, “Oh, good thing you texted. It’s not a good time. I’ll get back to you.”






It’s over. 

Cause it’s never a good time and they never get back to you. 


So I DO NOT give them the opportunity. 


Instead, I tell them when we book the call, “Hey, just so you know I don’t typically confirm appointments. So I’ll be there. Just please let me know if an emergency comes up and you have to reschedule.”


Then send a calendar invite. 


In my booking system, I have a checkbox that says, “I plan to honor my commitment to show up to this appointment. If an emergency arises I will let Jessica know asap.” 


Do I do these even on face-to-face appointments pre- and post- Corona?




What about a meeting where I’m flying across the country?. 




I never confirm. 

‘Cause guess what? 


If you told the client you weren’t going to confirm and then you show up… 


Even if they’re in the bathroom or in another meeting... 




Yes, they have to see you, because you’re there. 


The exception? Once in a blue moon a true emergency arises and they have to run out of the office and you’re there drinking bad coffee with powdered creamer out of a styrofoam cup chatting with the receptionist and getting the dirt on office politics...


And guess who he’ll always put through the line when they call? 


Yes, you!


So you win anyway. 




DON’T: Text them 5 minutes before your call to remind them about the call

DO: Text them 5 minutes after if they don’t show. 


Never before has 10 minutes been so critical in turning a sale around. 


Look, if you text someone 5 minutes before a call, you’re giving them one last opportunity to cancel. 


One last chance to save face and not look like an idiot staring at yourself on Zoom. 


But what’s the point? If the client cancels 5 minutes before a meeting, you’re not filling that spot back up, so you’re only doing it for your own vanity. 


But more importantly, you gave the client an out to avoid that change they don’t really want to make anyway. And essentially, you’ve failed them. ‘Cause I assume what you are selling is actually there to help them. 


But when you wait 5 minutes till after they no-show, you have another very important emotion at play that works in your favor. 


Do you know what it is?




Not guilt you created or manipulated like my Sicilian grandmother. 


Guilt that naturally happens when a decent person misses or is late to a commitment they promised to make. 


So five minutes in I text or email, “Hey, I’m in the Zoom room. Let me know if you’re having trouble logging in.” <- Benefit of the doubt.


A good 80% of the time they jump on a few seconds later.


And then they apologize for being late. 


And whether I make the sale or not, we’ve started off on the right foot. And they’re there. And the dynamics are completely different from a salesperson begging someone to buy something from them. We’re two humans who respect each other. 

Ten minutes make a big difference. 


If the person doesn’t jump on… then I wait until 15 minutes after and send them an email.


“I’m sorry you weren’t able to make our appointment today. I understand life happens so please use the link below to reschedule.” 


I will actually let a client cancel twice before I tell them that I can only allow one more reschedule because of the limited time on my calendar. 


Because guess what happens whether it’s the second or third call that they finally show up to?


They are SUPER HOT. Like, Bradley Cooper hot. 


Without selling anything, you now have a much hotter, committed, ready client than you had before!


And you have that guilt factor working in your favor; they don’t want to waste your time again so if they’re not serious they won’t take the call. 


That doesn’t always mean they’ll always buy, but my closing rates on no-shows who reschedule is much higher than someone who shows up like they’re supposed to on the first call. 

So I’m not worried about it. The numbers and the process work, so I see it as an opportunity. 


And if you don’t get the sale, they still feel indebted to you, so they are primed to give you referrals - which is why you always need to ask for them. 


And referrals, well, you know.. They’re like finding the golden egg on Easter... 


Or, in this case… getting stood up at the bar… 


By some jerk on Tinder


When Bradley whispers in your ear to ask if the seat next to you is free…. 


Why, yes, yes it is. 


So don’t fret about your no shows - turn them into something even hotter. 


Have a great week, 





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