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Monday Morning Motivator Meeting

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Meeting 16: How to Overcome Buyer’s Remorse.. Or How to Save the Sale

Meeting 16: How to Overcome Buyer’s Remorse.. Or How to Save the Sale

Ever have a customer call you the next day and say, “Yea, that thing we talked about.. We’re not going to move forward after all. I’m sorry.”   That’s called Buyer’s Remorse and it is sooo preventable. I’m going to share with you how to overcome and prevent buyer’s remorse in the first place.. So you never have to lose another sale to it again…

In this week’s Monday Morning Motivator you’ll get:

[Metrics Minute]  Accountability time! Where are you with your numbers? What's changed? Why? What can you do to improve next week?

[Marketing Minute] This week I was on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube… but I always have one purpose no matter what platform I’m on.. Find out what it is in the video.

[Motivation Minute]  Before you can attempt to overcome buyer’s remorse, you must first identify if the person actually bought from you and it’s true buyer’s remorse, or if they didn’t actually buy anything and you’re just trying to overcome an objection they didn’t get a chance to voice during your presentation… They are very different things when you’re talking about the emotional aspect of a sale… so we’ll first identify which is which, how to approach each, and how to prevent buyer’s remorse with a process I call “Crystallization.”  We’ll go deep into the psychology of buyer’s remorse so you can properly handle it.




Have a great week!


This week's Quoteables:

Bullet Points Don't Close Deals. Watch the full lesson:  #salestips #motivationmonday #salesadvice #salesmanagement #entrepreneur #success
Sales are made first emotionally and backed up with logic.  Watch the full lesson:  #salestips #motivationmonday #salesadvice #salesmanagement #entrepreneur #success
You are doing yourself and your customer a disservice if you don't close off the presentation.  Watch the full lesson:  #salestips #motivationmonday #salesadvice #salesmanagement #entrepreneur #success

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Friday, 24 May 2019

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