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Monday Morning Motivator Meeting

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Meeting 6: How to overcome your fear of rejection in sales… Cause no one likes to hear the word “no.”

How can two little letters create such destruction in a person’s life?  The fear of hearing it, the pain of accepting it, and the constant questioning of whether or not you or your product are good enough, all as a result of hearing the word “no.”


No matter who you are, the word no is a powerful one, and if you don’t understand why it REALLY bothers you so much, you won’t be able to REALLY overcome it, so that cold calling and prospecting become a light-hearted and enjoyable part of your day (no, really!).


This week I’m giving you tools to overcome the fear of rejection so the phone and your business cards become much lighter and you can happily prospect your heart away to overflow your pipeline.


In this week’s Monday Morning Motivator I’ll reveal:

[Metrics Minute]  Accountability time! The insane number of people who are not tracking their numbers is revealed. Are you one of them? Or part of the 7% world-class performers? Also, is your cold email campaign icky? I’ll let you know how you can tell.

[Marketing Minute] I’m sharing the one thing that is working for me right now in marketing. This week we’re talking about a Business Plan, or what I like to call a “Business Vision Board,” and how it can help you achieve results faster than you expect.

[Motivation Minute] Let’s talk about the word, “No,” shall we? I’ll let you know the psychology behind the word “no,” why it hurts so bad, and I’ll give you fun exercise to help you overcome your fear rejection. Also, human psychology is pretty nutso… I’ll reveal why your customers aren’t jumping up and down when you tell them you can save them money, even when you really can!




Before you go:

Did you do the exercise? What were your results?

Let me know in the comments!


Have a great week!



This week's Shareable Quotes:

Vision boards are a spiritual business plan. Watch: #salestips #motivationmonday #salesadvice #salesmanagement #entrepreneur  #success
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Most people will say

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Friday, 24 May 2019

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