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Monday Morning Motivator Meeting

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How to Bounce Back When Business Has You Down: Monday Morning Motivator: Meeting 1

How to Bounce Back When Business Has You Down: Monday Morning Motivator: Meeting 1

Oh, I am so excited about this, let me just tell you. This Monday we launched the inaugural episode of Monday Morning Motivator Meeting. Now, you know I’ve always wanted to be on TV, and Netflix Original Series isn’t hiring me anytime soon to geek-out on sales metrics, tips, motivation and inspiration, so here we are…

 Airing LIVE weekly on YouTube Live at 10 am EST. Subscribe to my YouTube Channel to get updates when I go live. We’ll also be livestreaming to this page EVERY Monday: and sharing out to all media and podcasting channels.


Monday Morning Motivator is the place to get fueled up with sales and business tips, motivation and inspiration to last you through the week.  We’ll typically stick to 30 mins, but today we went longer so we can add some detail about what to expect. Amazing start of the week for entrepreneurs, salespeople, and sales leaders to get you and your team revving.

In this week’s episode you’ll get:

[Intro 0:07] How we roll around here. Learn who I am and why the heck I’m doing this.

[Intention 14:05] “If you don’t know where you’re going how will you ever get there?” Set your intentions for the week so you can be proactive, instead of reactive, in your business. Your why should be strong enough that you’re willing to do anything to get there.

[Accountability 17:13] Numbers don’t lie.You need to be accountable for your own numbers and improving your own numbers all the time. This week I define each stage of the sales funnel so we’re all on the same page.  Each week, I’ll be asking you to be accountable to yourself for the different stages in the sales funnel.

[Marketing Minute 30:59] Each week on Marketing Minute, I’ll share with you one thing I’m doing right now in my business to generate leads.  No matter who you are, you need to develop a personal brand and take accountability for your lead generation. This week, we’re talking about why I’m doing this YouTube LIve and what my strategy is for creating content that has no expiration date!

[Motivation Minute 44:45].  In Motivation Minute, we talk about mental toughness and developing the mindset that you need to be a champion, to get you from where you are to where you want to be. Accept that what you know and believe now got you where you are. But if you want to improve, you need to change your thoughts.  


This week, we’re talking about RESILIENCE and bouncing back from disappointments and failures.



Monday Morning Motivator: Meeting 1 TRANSCRIPT (January 28, 2019)


Here are the resources I mentioned in this episode (click to view)

The Spirituality of Success:  Getting Rich with Integrity.  

Jeffrey Gitomer for this Little Red Book of Selling

Gary Vaynerchuck Content Strategy


Before you go:

In the comments, let me know what resilience means to you?

What exact things are you going to do this week to be more resilient?

Let me know in the comments!


This week's Shareable Quotes:

I’m here.  I’m on your side.  And I want to see you win.  #salestips #motivationmonday #salesadvice #salesmanagement #entrepreneur #ladyboss #success #jpmpartners
There is no such thing as losing a deal you didn’t close,  because you never had it to begin with.  Never think of it as losing. #salestips #motivationmonday #salesadvice #salesmanagement #entrepreneur #ladyboss #success #jpmpartners
Resilience: It’s not about how many times you get knocked down.  It’s about how many times you get back up, how quickly you get back up, and how quickly you get back in the game. \ #salestips #motivationmonday #salesadvice #salesmanagement #entrepreneur #ladyboss #success #jpmpartners

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