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The Sales Playbook: If you fail to plan... [Meeting 2]

The Sales Playbook: If you fail to plan...  [Meeting 2]

Ever watch a Pee Wee Football game? Ever notice how the entire team flocks towards the ball like a bunch of headless warriors? Abandoning all reason and any “plays” the coach (bless his heart) tried to practice with them? (Sales leaders, maybe you can relate?)

That’s what happens when you go into a sales meeting without a plan, or worse, have a plan and don’t follow it. Replace the peewee jerseys with a collared shirt, a dress and heels, and we’re looking at the modern amateur salesperson.


Chaos. Exhaustion. Unpredictability. Burn out.


That’s not you, right? I didn’t think so! That’s why this week, we’re talking about the importance of having a Sales Playbook, and why people don’t follow a plan even when they have one that works!  


(Sales Leaders, you need to know this about your people).


In this week’s Monday Morning Motivator you’ll get:


[Intro 0:07] Who am I again? Meet me.


[Metrics Minute 17:13]  Last week we started talking about tracking your numbers so you can improve your numbers.  Let’s check in with where you are and where you want to go. You’re accountable to you, not me, and being accountable to yourself is the only person that really matters.


[Marketing Minute 30:59] I’m sharing how I use free online training (ie. webinars) to draw people into the top of my sales funnel, and how you can use it with any high ticket product or service to start building a relationship with and deliver value to your future clients. We talk about how to find the right webinar topic for you (even if you think your clients would never watch a webinar).


[Motivation Minute 44:45] (ok, more like 30 minutes!) We go over the importance of having a plan, how to create one, how to practice, how to look like a natural, and finally, what’s stopping you from not following your plan.  I’ll share with you my 6 Step Checklist of how to prep for a game like a champion.


Even with the best plays and the best coach, to perform like a champion, you have to think like a champion. And that’s what this week’s meeting is all about:






The Spirituality of Success




Before you go:

What's your favorite play? 
Sales leaders, how do you get your salespeople to follow your plan?

Let me know in the comments!


Have a great week!


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