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Why closing the sale makes you feel icky... [Meeting 3]

Why closing the sale makes you feel icky...  [Meeting 3]

This week we're talking about money, and why it's eluding you... I'll reveal the one word that's holding you back from getting wealthy... (It's not what you think)

I'm also going to relate it to a special spot in the sales process called "Closing" and how money has to do with resistance to closing.. you know.. that pit in your stomach when you ask for the credit card? That resistence.. let's talk about it!

I'm always intrigued by money and how our belief about money defines our relationships with it.  I also find in my practice that people are fooling themselves with what they think they know about money.. 

In today's meeting, we do an exercise that uncovers your relationship with money and how to change it if it's not serving your higher intentions...  

In this week’s Monday Morning Motivator you’ll get:


[Intro & Intention 00:01] Watch our new intro... Yes, it's supposed to be corny... 

[Metrics Minute 7:40]  Accountability time! Where are you with your numbers? What's changed? Why? What can you do to improve next week? 

[Marketing Minute 15:13] I'm sharing some of our social media strategies this week. There are mixed opinions on social. Some people say it has no ROI, others say "Be everywhere." I'll let you know what we're doing right now and why this strategy is worth it even if you can't track the results. 

[Motivation Minute 28:00] I had a realization about why people have a natural resistance to closing the sale.. you know.. that point when you have to ask for the money? I dive deep into that and what it uncovers that's holding you back from reaching your wealth potential..  







The Spirituality of Success




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Before you go:

Did this exercise reveal anything for you? 

What was your biggest take-away that you can change to get where you want to be?


Let me know in the comments!


Have a great week!


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