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Money, Money, Money!

Money, Money, Money!

"Money is the root of all evil."

"Money changes people."

"Rich people are ____"

Society and media tell us that money is a bad thing. Since you were little, rich people were depicted as evil and selfish.  And now, as an adult,  you have financial goals you want to achieve, but those voices in your head don't go away easily. How you feel about money, even if those beliefs were engrained in your before you had a choice, may be stopping you from getting more of it.  We'll do an exercise in this video that will help you uncover your ideas about money and whether or not they are holding you back. 




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Money. Money. Money! Money!

Today’s lesson is on Money. Money. Money. Money.

Before we start the lesson I want to do a little exercise with you.  You don’t need a piece of paper for this but you could take out one if you really wanted to. I’m going to give you part of a sentence and I want you to fill in the blank with one word.  The exercise only works if you say the first word that comes to your head. The great thing about video is no one’s going to know what you said. Usually in the classroom we put them on all the board and everyone’s all embarrassed. The second part is to not second guess yourself.  Don’t think about the answer.  Just say the first thing that pops in your mind. Okay?


Rich people are __________.


Ok? What was the word that came into your mind? If it was anything along the realms of something negative than this lesson is for you. Over the years I’ve heard a lot of answers to that question, but they pretty much fall into the same types of words: Greedy, selfish, ugly, stupid, liars, etc., and then you get the random person that goes “Rich people are great!” If your word that you filled out was one of those negative words, that is an indication of your true belief about rich people and about money. We touched on this in some of the their lessons but now you know if you qualify in this category.


What that’s called is a limiting belief. A limiting belief is any belief that holds you back. We’ve got beliefs; they either serve us or they hold us back from where we know we want to go, to our ultimate, unlimited potential.


This is the perfect example of a limiting belief because, presumably, if you’re in a course about getting better at sales it’s because you want to be more financially successful and, ultimately, make more money.  That’s what business is.  If you have this limiting belief inside of you, there’s nothing you can do, if you don’t change those beliefs, you will always, subconsciously, work toward making those beliefs come true for you in your life. You may say, “no” to an opportunity that you don’t realize might take you closer to your goal of being financially successful.  You won’t be aware of it, but there will be things you do subconsciously to push away money because you associate it with whatever word you filled the blank in with.  


This is a real problem because, actually, most of society thinks like this.  You’re not alone.  I definitely felt like this when I first did this exercise.  I think I probably said, “greedy,” or, “selfish.”  There are sayings like “money is the root of all evil,” or “dirty money.” Or that people must have done something illegal, immoral, or unethical to make money. These actually hurt you.  But most people feel this way because the statistic is that 93% of people at the age of 65 are not financially independent.  They have to rely on the help of family, friends or the government to retire. Most people are repelling money. It’s common.  It’s the status quo to feel this way.  But if you want to be financially successful, you can’t be part of the status quo.  That means changing and that includes changing your thinking and challenging some of the thoughts that might be holding you back.  


We talked in another video about how you might do that and it’s basically about replacing the tape or beliefs that aren’t working for you with a belief that will work for you.  And you go out and gather evidence.  For me, when I did this exercise, I thought, “Hmm.. that’s interesting.  I think rich people are selfish.” But when I looked in my personal life and people who I knew personally who were very wealthy, were actually the most generous people I knew.  They gave lots of money to charity, they always gave really nice, generous gifts.  Even beyond just giving money, they gave of their time, of their expertise, they were advisors, they were mentors, they sat on boards, things like that. They were even good parents and good friends. So I looked for more and more examples of where this was true until it changed the tape in my head.  So that’s one way you can do it.  Now, I have other limiting beliefs. I realized I have a Limiting Belief that you make a lot of money you have to lose it at some point and then build it back up again. And that might happen over and over because the uber successful people I’ve known have lost lots of money and then built it back up and then lost it again and then built it back up. So I have to look for examples where that’s not true so that in order to maintain financial freedom, I don’t have to have these dips in income.


Normally salespeople don’t ever get this kind of training about how money works and how our mind works and how these all have to work together in order to be successful. We found after training thousands of salespeople, you can’t just tell people what to do. You have to develop the mind, body and soul.  That’s why this course, to me, is so special, and why I felt it was something I wanted to deliver to the market. You came with the goal to increase your sales, but I hope you walked away with so much more than that.  Knowing that increasing sales takes so much more than just doing something. It takes changing some of the thinking about sales and also changing how you think about yourself and really exploring who you are.  


Money is a way to exchange services for services.  We used to have bartering.  You’d bring a sheep and have to trade it for a cow and you’d try to figure out an even trade. And then money came along and you have prices.  It’s really the same thing, but the difference between the people who are very financially successful is that they know their value in the market. You have value, too.  Most people underestimate their value so they’re underpricing themselves. People will always try to barter with you.  They will always try to pay you less and get you for a lower price and you’re trying to get your full value. But the only thing that can prevent them from pulling your price down is you knowing your worth, your value and your expertise. Because when they find out that they can’t have you for the lower price, and they realize your value and expertise, they will pay for it. It’s also about being the best at what you do.  Whether it’s a salesperson and understanding your product and how it fits in the market better than anyone else. If you’re a coach, it’s about being the best coach in your own, unique way. People will pay when they realize your value but you have to understand your value first.  You have to be your own cheerleader first and your own promoter first, and then people will start singing your praises for you.  But you have to understand that value yourself before other people can believe in you.


Money is much more than paper, right? We have extremely negative thoughts about money, and society, in general, has extremely negative thoughts about money. And rich people are even villainized in our society because it goes along with what the status quo believes is true.  But, unfortunately, it’s also what keeps the majority of people from being financially free. Money has many colors and green is just one of them.  Money is so much more than that.  I want you to think about what money means to you, how you determine your value, how valuable you are, and we have to put a price on that.  That’s what business is about. That’s what bartering is about.  Are you worth two cows or one?  You need to be confident in your value and money is our way of keeping score, by putting a price tag on it. If you think about it this way maybe you won’t have as much resistance to charging what you’re worth.


So, I’ll end on that. That’s why we have green as one of our colors, because green is the color of money.  We want to help you attract more and more of it into your life.  Ok, I’ll see you in the next lesson.


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