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Developing Your Signature Selling Style

Developing Your Signature Selling Style

One thing I know about sales training and methodologies is no one size fits all.  I recommend getting your hands on as many sales trainings as possible and designing a program that works for you (including mine!).  The lesson below focuses on an exercise designed to help you develop YOUR signature selling style.  You know you what kind of salesperson you DON'T want to be, what kind of seller DO you want to be? Enjoy!


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So today we’re going to talk about Developing your Signature Selling Style.

First, what is a signature selling style and why would you want one?

A Signature Selling style is important because it is your personal brand in the market, no matter what product you’re selling.

A signature selling style is important because it will dictate how you develop your scripts and strategies. It lays a framework for the rest of what you’ll create in this course.

I want you to get out a piece of paper.  

  1. On the left side of the paper, I want you to list 10 people you admire. They can be people friends, family, historical figures, anyone.
  2. Now next to each name, I want you to write down one adjective that describes why you admire that person. It’s okay to repeat adjectives.
  3. Now I want you to list all the words at the bottom of the page without repeating any.

Do you know what this list represents? Your signature selling style! These actually represent your core values.  You won’t see in this list ideals that you have been conditioned to believe are important by society.  But rather, these represent who you are.

Now, you might say, “I have integrity listed, but I can remember the last time I lied about something.” We’re all a work in progress.  This list represents who you are, even though sometimes you fail to live up to it. It doesn't’ take away from the fact that these are your core values.

So, what kind of salesperson will you be? What will people think of you when you market your products? Look at this list and you’ll have your answer.

So what’s your signature selling style?

If you want to do something fun, go to and enter the list of adjectives.  It will generate a word picture you can hang in your office. I love visual reminders like this to keep me focused.

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