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There is an epidemic sweeping the nation. Every entrepreneur or salesperson I coach who is having a challenge leveling up is because of one thing: dreaming too small. They’re satisfied with the status quo. They’re satisfied with goals like, “Be debt-free.” “Buy a house.” “Save for retirement. Send my kids to college” Who cares?

Yes, those are minimum necessities. A house. A car. Food. Education. But the only person who cares about them is you. Your clients don’t care. Your friends don’t care. The universe doesn’t care. Guess what? I’m pretty sure you don’t care that much, either. If you have to wait another year to pay off your debt or buy a house, who cares? How much is it really going to hurt anyway?

That’s exactly why you’re stuck in the same rut over and over again: your dreams are small so you’re playing small. No one is going to play big to reach small goals. Makes sense, right? No one’s going to make one more phone call, start one more conversation, send one more email, for small goals.

Do you think big goals just fall out of the sky onto people who were dreaming small? Nope. Cause even if they did, they wouldn’t recognize it was for them and would turn the other way.

So this year, it’s time to LEVEL UP. You are not serving ANYONE, especially YOU buy playing small in 2020. We need you to bring ALL of you to the game.

I’m taking one 1-1 client for February. If you want in, we need to start talking now.




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