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Success: What's holding you back from yours?

I was convinced after now being out of high school for 20 years, that I would never use Calculus in every day life.  Except when it comes to spirituality, enlightenment, and success, it made a surprise appearance.

Remember X approaches Y? Remember how X would approach Y but would never actually touch it? It would get infinitely close to it, but never actually reach it.

That's how I feel about success.  But what's more interesting to me is why it is that way and what we can do to change it. I reveal it in the video below.




Success. What is success? Today I want to talk to you about success.  Now, there are many different kinds of success but we’re going to talk about is financial success since it’s the one that most closely relates to sales, although you will find that they are very closely intermingled, success and sales.


Let’s talk about first what financial success means to you.  Do you know what your number is? For instance, how do you know when you’ve reached your goal if you don’t know what the number is you associate with financial success? For some people it’s a million dollars, for other it’s a billion dollars, some people just want to break six figures, I remember when ten thousand was a lot to me. It’s important that you know what your numbers are so that you know when you get there. But, more importantly, you want to know what is holding you back from reaching those numbers? Have you ever thought of that? Have you ever thought of exactly why you’re not getting where you need to go? Besides that no one else is cooperating with your vision? But why, within you, you’re not getting where you want to go?

There’s something call limiting beliefs. A limiting belief is anything that doesn’t serve you; it doesn’t serve your purpose.  We’ve got beliefs.  Some of them help us; some of them hold us back. Our beliefs were created when we were very, very, very young, in our developmental years.  And through our whole life, but mostly before you even remember them happening. As an adult, you become more aware, and you start to choose your beliefs before they become a part of you, but you still have new beliefs that you develop as an adult. So, we have all these beliefs. The one thing about beliefs is that they’re not set in stone, right? You can believe one thing one day and change it the next day.  You can believe the Earth is flat and then decide it’s round. You can believe there’s a planet called Pluto and then you can decide, “Nah, no planet Pluto. Got rid of that.” Your beliefs can change.  Understand that as strongly as you believe them and as strongly as you believe they’re true, you’ve had your own experiences where you believed something one day and then believed something else the next day. The possibility that beliefs change is there and that’s why people have different opinions about things. Your beliefs, though, most of them were not created by you.  Most of them were taught to you by your parents, your teachers, society, movies, friends. All of these have influences on us and created our beliefs.  Our beliefs create the foundation for who we are.   

I’ll give you an example, why we might not be reaching our goals for financial success, what mindsets might be holding us back. So, for instance, you might have a belief that “rich people are greedy.”  Or, “Rich people must have lied to get to where they are.” These are pretty common thoughts because, even if you look at the movies you grew up with, the rich people were always the bad guys. Even Daddy Warbucks, you finally changed at the end, he was a bad guy in the beginning. So, “Rich people are bad. Rich people are evil.  They’re greedy. And these are supported by our society.  Have you ever heard the term, “Money is the root of all evil?” If you have that kind of belief in you, whether you’re aware of it or not, maybe this is the first time I made you aware that’s a belief you hold, no matter what you do, no matter what actions you take to try to get somewhere, you’re not going to reach it because, subconsciously, you’ll hold yourself back because you don’t want to be associated with those negative terms. You don’t want to be greedy. And you don’t see yourself as greedy. You don’t want to mean, the bad guy, and you don’t see yourself that way. There’s no way you can align yourself with the word “rich” and who you are. They won’t come together if those are the beliefs you hold. Now, like we said, the great thing about beliefs is that they can change and you have the power to change them.  

But how? How do you change a belief that you decide is not serving you? And one that you may have had for 30 or more years guiding you and guiding your decisions? Before we go into that, let’s talk about some of the consequences of having beliefs that aren’t serving you. Your beliefs determine your thoughts.  If something happens, you digest it, your beliefs determine how you react to it. Okay? So let’s take the example of getting cut off in traffic.  If you believe that “It’s a dog eat dog world how there, everyone has to fend for himself,” then when that person cuts you off, something happens outside of you, you internalize it, your beliefs determine what your thoughts will be.  So what springs from your belief is your thought and your thought is r thoug will mng n-of-a-B would he bin te confIf you bee powermewher”causen wheou can Bou donound. Ydog world h.s a e powermewher”causese are are slf wits will be.e your thoughtsemou takRicough beliefs.the fs youre a sturnry drmeas will beat this rtou gso tple omou tacome more awaelir’s nacochangedeat the abhan who vil?”e the e your thoughtsyou takRicoughtsyou take holding o get sted os. Yold he braffagaiacoyears is an e”ct thchagsomberknow what theg happens said,Yold. ive n ebrokslf thr to rons tovilt perg happens outside Th it, edeareact tot, your blize it, u be are slfreacse, suopirirn thyou ta whethernbsp;ExT supptou gso toutsidencesyou want?”. &nbour dry young, iquicklon’t going to it or not, unls tough brng ou u bslowens nactiade ywhethern migore i,Yoldog eat fe, bu’s at abcs suan decislown’t ctisaid,Yoldcome mge aselfreac that you holditou gsople,you ta may have be reachnens tariouean,repadinn off y belLog dlook at going to it o> n’t s &nhient, and sur tho thet to &nse the ient, and surend g tt doesochan wordlthoueyou donave different Rokose totorginnintwmeayou,ver acgoing tout s Youycess.  Now, thee arand sales.nBof it or nor thoughing todreacnthilhought gettdreac ? as ltr nninof su tacoug Wrre mnerknof hfhe you hibilug arrou hgooueyuse tprings yefs determint o>n’n decide, your th,ef="hat yayefs spanhateuyou takcome mge ae your tho are s you holdortedou. Your b you back from reSo b a cut off me mgnternge tu want to go?

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