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The Importance of Being Wordy

The Importance of Being Wordy

This week’s Monday Meeting is about being wordy. And I am not talking about using too many words - I am talking about how we use words in the English language.

Did you know that the English language has 500,000 words? The average person’s vocabulary consists of only 2,000 of them and their habitual vocabulary is made up of 200-300.

So I want to challenge you to see how you can use words to improve sales copy and naming products. Pull out the thesaurus and see how you can say it better. The most powerful words are the emotional ones - after all, people buy emotionally. And don’t forget about literary devices, such as onamonapia, rhythm, and rhyming, to make your language more interesting and appealing. Sometimes all you have is your words

Look out for a list of emotional words later this week.

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Jessica Magoch
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