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THE SECRET TO SHORTER SALES CYCLES: Do this one thing to get prospects to say, "Yes!" sooner

THE SECRET TO SHORTER SALES CYCLES: Do this one thing to get prospects to say, "Yes!" sooner

Whether you're selling to large corporations or one-on-one direct to consumer, shortening sales cycles is something that benefits not only you but your client as well.  Find out how to shorten your sales cycle in the expert interview with Vincent Roazzi, nationally recognized sales trainer, coach and author of The Spirituality of Success: Getting Rich with Integrity. 

In this very casual coaching call, I discuss with Vinny how and why salespeople should want to shorten their sales cycles.  There are major gems in here, including  understanding why people buy, how to present what they want, how to eliminate objections upfront and how to set the stage so your client can say, "Yes, solve my freakin' problem already!!!!!" 

If you have any questions regarding how these can apply to your specific business, please comment on this post and I will relay them to Vinny.  

Warning: This is a super casual coaching call I'm letting you drop in on.. There may be phones ringing in the background, and we might even disagree at points...  Enjoy eavesdropping! 






Jessica Magoch:Hello and welcome to the JPM Sales Partners in Virtual Sales Academy podcast series. Today we are talking about the one call close. How to do it, why it's so important, and why you may be losing sales because you're not doing it. This is Jessica Magoch your host and CEO of JPM Sales Partners and we have Vincent on the line, author of Spirituality of Success and his accomplishments are building multiple thousand plus person sales teams for startups and taking companies public. We are glad to have him here with his expertise. This series is very much like a coaching call that you are eavesdropping in on where I get to learn about some of these really important factors and how to help teach them better and train and mentor better. I'm gonna play some of the role of the devil's advocate or what people might be thinking out in the audience that can't interact. If things come up that I hear common objections to I'll bring them up on my end. Welcome.

Vincent Roazzi:Hi Jessica. Thank you for the opportunity. Hello everyone. Today we're gonna talk about-

Jessica Magoch:Today we're-We're talking about the one call close because it's a question I get a lot from people exactly why they should do it and why it's so important. I thought we could start talking about why it's important to do it and then tell them exactly some of the crucial elements of how to do it, how to maybe change their sales process now so that they can shorten those sales cycles and get a one call close.

Vincent Roazzi:I think