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The Theory of Unlimited Potential: How high will a tree grow? How high will you grow?

Get ready for some singing, cause when I get all into the spiritual talk I have to sing it to get my point across!

In this video, we're talking about something very important: What is your full potential? AND Why aren't you reaching it? We have a relatively short time here on Planet Earth, and we've all got something to contribute to this ecosystem.  What's your contribution? 





“How high does the Sycamore grow? If you cut it down you’ll never know.” I always have a song to go along with every concept and this is the one that goes with this lesson on The Theory of Unlimited Potential.


A lot of this comes from my father, Vincent Roazzi’s book, The Spirituality of Success.  The reason he wrote that book was because he came across this statistic that 93% of people in the US, at the age of 65 are not financially independent.  Meaning, in order to retire, they’d have to rely on the help of friends, family, or the government just to make ends meet. So here we are with the American dream and 93% of people at retirement age can’t afford to take care of themselves and some of them can’t retire at all.


Many years went by since he originally wrote this book and since then there were countless financial gurus and personal development speakers and lots and lots of resources. In fact, a lot of them are on the shelf behind me because I am a student of these things. Recently we looked up the statistic again to see if the statistics had changed and, in fact, they were exactly the same. 93% of people at the age of 65 are not financially independent and much rely on the help of friends, family, and the government, which we know isn’t providing much, just to make ends meet.


So how is it that we’ve had this plethora of resources all these amazing teachers over the years, whether it be Tony Robbins, Zig Ziglar, John Maxwell, I could go on and on about all the great leaders that have been out there, yet the number has not wavered, not even a percentage point. Not even down to 92%.  The question is, “Why?” Why with all this newfound knowledge a resources, free resources, the library’s free, right, has this number not changed?


We thought about it and it turns out that really uber successful people have something in common and it goes beyond the actions they’ve taken or the mental toughness, or the positive mental thoughts they have.  It’s something called “the Spirituality of Success.”  There’s something just a little unique and different about them. He concluded that even with all of these resources, there are many, many books, including this course, that will tell you what to do to be successful.  What are the actions? What are the scripts? What is your process?  Things like that.  And then there are tons and tons of resources that will teach you how to think in order to be successful like The Power of Positive Thinking by Norman Vincent Peal, or The Secret by Rhonda Browne and all those great authors. There’s lots of resources on what to do and how to think.  But it’s been said that man is much more than just the body (the doing) and the mind (the thinking).  It’s three parts.  It’s the body, mind, and soul.


If there’s resources and what to do and what to think, where are the resources on what to be? Who do you have to be in order to be successful? And think about even the words.  You don’t “do successful,” you don’t “think success,” you “are successful.” “ I want to be successful.” It’s something you are, not something you think or something you do, it’s something you are.  Can I go into all of what that takes? I think that’s a whole other journey and a whole other course, but I want to plant the seeds with you today before we leave each other because it’s not just about making a stellar presentation, and it’s not just about saying the right words, it’s not about having the exact right process all in an order every single time.  It’s not just about having positive thinking on top of all that.  It’s also about who you are as a person.  All these mental toughness talks and emotional intelligence talks are about who you are.  It’s not just about thinking, it’s about understanding who you are as a person.  It’s about examining yourself, what might be holding you back in certain areas, what your limiting beliefs are, what’s keeping you from reaching your potential, those all address who you are. I can guarantee no other sales training would even remotely address this, but, again, this is what launches people into the uber successful realm.


I’ll bring it into nature to help support my point.  If I asked you, “How high does a tree grow?” What would you say? Right.  A tree grows as high as it can.   A tree will grow to its full potential, unless someone cuts it down or it hits a wall.  Otherwise, a tree is going to grow as high as it can because that is the law of nature and that is the law of unlimited potential. Now humans, on the other hand, are distinct from nature in one way which is will. We have the power to choose and decide.  We choose whether or not to grow.  We choose whether or not to take care of ourselves.  We can choose how we think.  We can choose to be successful.  We can choose to do the things we need to do in order to be successful. And we can choose not to.  That’s a major difference between humans and the rest of nature.  


So what are we capable of then? What are we capable of then, if everyone has some kind of limiting belief holding them back?  Have you ever wondered what could we actually be capable of if there was nothing holding us back?  There’s a saying, “What would you do if you were never afraid to fail?” And you think, your mind can launch into these possibilities.  That’s unlimited potential.  It’s when you have no barriers.  No voices in your head holding you back and holding you down. And that’s what personal development is all about.  It’s about understanding what those limiting beliefs are that are holding you back and it takes a lot of introspection. It’s not something that happens overnight.  


My ask to you is to be like the tree.  Be like nature. Work to strip away these limiting beliefs that you’ve developed over the years, even before you were aware of it, and see what your potential is cause, gosh, I can see it and I’d be really excited if you lived it out. If you notices in our logo we chose a leaf to represent JPM Sales Partners.  The gold leaf leaf.  The gold is a throwback to the Greek age of Wisdom and the leaf is a tribute to nature and the leaf has three sections to it for mind, body and soul.  I hope that when you see that on our logo going forward it will remind you to be like the tree.  You have a mind, body and soul and that needs to be taken into your business life as well.  It’s not something you leave at home.  It’s always a part of you. So be aware of it, to be able to bring it into your work life, is a game changer.

It has been a pleasure being with you and helping you through the mind, body, soul approach to selling.  I hope we have many more times together where we can share our progress.  Until then, see you in the next lesson.  


“How high does the Sycamore grow? If you cut it down you’ll never know. “ That’s Pocahontas I think. Alright, bye.