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What's Working Wednesday: Getting Love On LinkedIn

What's Working Wednesday: Getting Love On LinkedIn

This week on What's Working Wednesday, I'm sharing how creating posts on LinkedIn has been getting me some love:


In your social media posting strategy, you probably are including LinkedIn if your offering is targeted towards business or helping people with their careers. 

What a lot of people don't take advantage of is LinkedIn's own publishing platform.  Now, no doubt, this is going to be extra work for you, but so far it's working for us.  

LinkedIn really likes it when you post on their platform.  They share it in your network's notifications, not just in their newsfeed, as well as OUTside your network which is HUGE for growing it.  This is probably only possible because so few people are using it to post right now. Well, take advantage of it, people!

I'm sure they would love it if you only posted on their site, but if you've taken any of my courses, you know that you would never give control of your audience to any platform. Even if it will be around forever, they can change rules at any time to your disadvantage. And, if you've ever had your account suspended by LinkedIn because you connected with someone you didn't know (hello, that's what networking's all about, right?) then you've already learned this lesson. 

So I basically create a post that links back to a post on my site.  I give a teaser that drives people back to the blog post I published on my own site. Why is that more valuable to me? Well, with Google Analytics on my site I get a better picture of who my audience is, and it's the only way I'm going to get them to sign up for my newsletter which is the main way I stay in touch with my target audience.

But since they are promoting it so well, make it easy for people to message you comments and start a conversation, and provide analytics on post views, clicks, likes and comments, it's worth the extra five minutes (literally, five minutes) it takes to post. 

Here's how to get Love on LinkedIn: 

1. Log in to your LinkedIn Account

2. Go to the home page

3. Select "Publish a post" 

4. Upload an image. I use the same image I used on my blog post.

5. Create a Title

6. Copy and paste the first few sentences of the article you published on your blog. 

7. Invite the reader to "read more" and past the url of your blog post. 

8. Then hit Publish and confirm. 

9. Then click on the LinkedIn icon to share it with your network.  You do not want to share it from here to other networks like Twitter because readers will be sent in a maze to LinkedIn and then back to your website. 

10. When you share it to your own network a snippet preview will show up. So just write something like, "Hey guys, I'm really proud of this post I just published.  Check it out." 

11. You will get notified when people like or comment on your post, or you can check back daily in the post analytics.  

12. Invite any one who has liked your post but is not in your network to connect with you (always include a personal message when inviting people). 

13. Thank people in your network who have liked or shared your post.  Take the opportunity to invite them to join your mailing list and get your opt-in freebie. 

Well there you have it.  Now go try it for yourself!


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Friday, 24 May 2019

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