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I'm sharing what I learned recruiting, training, and leading a commission-only B2B startup sales team from $0- $100M In three years so you can launch your vision and mission into the world with a direct sales team that dominates the market and makes competition irrelevant!

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What you need to know about Millennial Women

What you need to know about Millennial Women

I was Dean at the #MogulX Conference, the largest conference for millennial women and here’s what I learned:

1. COMMUNITY: Craving independence and the transition from university life can be lonely, leading to depression and anxiety, so women are craving connection and community. They find that mostly on social media which can have its own challenges like…

2. AUTHENTICITY: On social everyone’s putting their best foot forward, which isn’t inherently bad, but can make the world feel even more lonely as people are hesitant to talk about their real problems publicly. They crave authenticity from influencers but at the same time are tempted by the newest beauty tutorial because balancing authenticity with outward expectations is challenging.

3. PURPOSE: Millennial women are multi-passionate which can lead to confusion as to what they were “meant” to do. Phrases like, “Side-hustle,”and, “Passion-Project” imply purpose is something you do outside of the regular workday, which is why work is stressful and anxiety producing.

Balancing it all seems impossible when they’re seen as independent of one another..
-Strive to find work that aligns with your purpose or find purpose in your work.
-To find authenticity, find it in yourself first. What feels right for you?
-And finally, find a supportive community. OnMogul is a great place to start. Then be the voice of what you want to hear more of in that community.




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