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I'm sharing what I learned recruiting, training, and leading a commission-only B2B startup sales team from $0- $100M In three years so you can launch your vision and mission into the world with a direct sales team that dominates the market and makes competition irrelevant!

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What's Working Wednesday: Hiring a Copywriter

What's Working Wednesday: Hiring a Copywriter

What's working Wednesday is basically a chronicle of what's working behind the scenes in our business.  It's a chance for you to pull back the curtain on us, but also forces me to reflect back on a weekly basis of the one most effective thing that is working for us right now. 

This week it's hiring a copywriter.

For some people, hiring a copywriter is a no brainer.  They don't feel comfortable writing.  It gives them anxiety. They don't know where to start and they get the dreaded writer's block. 

I'm not actually one of those.  I'm confident in my ability to express myself through my writing.  

So hiring a copywriter was something I resisted. 

Until it came to writing my bio. 

I've been told my bio is weak.  It doesn't represent why people should work with me and is more factual than conversational. 

If you haven't heard this before, the most visited page on your site after your homepage will likely be your about page.  People want to know who this company is and who's behind it. 

So a well crafted bio is actually a critical element to developing a relationship with your visitors. 

But when it came to writing mine, I was confused as to what elements to include, exclude, elaborate and minimize. I know I needed to state the facts as to my past successes, but I also didn't want it to sound like I'm boasting. I'm not a fan of the sales trainers and coaches who proport that they're the "best." There is no best, it's who you connect with most so you can hear the message.  

And I also wanted people to know that there was more than just sales training here.  We know the difference between the top performers and the non performers is not sales training.  It's success training.  It's a different mental state and state of being. 

And then my very diverse background of acting and teaching meditation before I got into sales. 

So I finally hired someone. 

We Skyped for an hour and she asked me some very deep questions that made me really have to verbalize how we are unique and what people should expect from working with us. 

I thought I would walk away with a three sentence bio.  What I ended up learning (because she is more skilled than she knows) is to embrace the things that are unique about us, even though it may not please everyone. 

My brand is about so much more than sales training.  But not everyone wants to hear that.  There are some that want to know how to be successful but don't really want to hear the answer. 

So, if you are ever going to hire a copywriter, at the minimum, do one for your bio.  It will raise questions you didn't ask, but to which people who don't know you need the answers. 

If you want a recommendation for who I used, please feel free to ask in the comments below. She's a wonderful mompreneur in Marlton, NJ. When you are interviewing different writers, decide ahead of time what your budget and deadlines will be.  Then ask for samples of their writing.  You want to choose one that writes in a simliar voice to your natural voice.

It's not just about hiring a good writer. It's about hiring someone who can reflect your voice and draw out the best things about you. 

Have a greeeaaaattt week!



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