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What's Working Wednesday: Instagram Ads for Recruiting

What's Working Wednesday: Instagram Ads for Recruiting

On today’s edition of What’s Working Wednesday, where we talk about what’s working in this digital marketing adventure we’re taking, we’re sharing what we learned using Instagram ads.

So, maybe I was late to the party on Instagram ads, but let me tell you, they have been performing so much higher than our Facebook ads, I had to share it with you.

Previously whenever I had run an ad on Facebook I would uncheck the little box next to “Instagram feed” mainly because I’m not active on Instagram and I didn’t want another platform to babysit. But we were working on this recruiting job for an entry level inside sales rep outside of Philly for a very exciting tech startup. I thought this would be an easy job to recruit for, but not everyone, especially recent grads, understand what a massive opportunity it is to work for a startup and get rewarded with stock options. That’s for another day.

So we got creative, at least in our office, it meant trying something we never had done before. And we decided to run some Instagram ads.


We used an attractive image that represented the office environment we were recruiting for (paid for the license on BigStock), and had people click through to the job description. The job description had instructions on how to apply for the position. We got 78 clicks over 4 days at $1.26 per click. But no resumes submissions.  We decided to change it up because we were making it too difficult for people to apply, and we were able to capture the email address of those who views the description but didn’t apply.  So, we set up a Leadpage to capture their email address before getting the job description.  Here’s what the leadpage looked like:  We set up another ad to run over 7 days with a $20 daily budget.  We got a total of 85 views, of which 62 entered their email address to get the job description.  That’s a 73% Leadpage conversion rate, which is phenomenal compared to the 6-7% we would get on Facebook ads for our live sales trainings.  Those emails were then placed in Mailchimp and automatically received a copy of the job description and were put in a four email follow up series.  We ended up receiving five resumes from this effort.  

Now, as someone who may not be from a recruiting background, you might not think these are great results.  You will get a lot more resumes from a Craigslist, Monster, Indeed, LinkedIn or Careerbuilder ad, but here are three reasons why it’s better for us: 1) It’s waaaaay less expensive, 2) We are getting in front of our target market based on the filters we can set on Instagram ads 3) we are getting in front of passive job seekers.  People aren’t on Instagram looking for jobs. We prefer people who are what's called "passive job seekers" who we can entice with a new, better, opportunity. 

It doesn't cost much to test an Instagram ad, so I highly suggest you do it if it matches your target audience. Snapchat has some interesting things happening right now as well which are better for location specific events.  There’s always something new, which is why we think it’s important to share it with you!

Respond in the comments if you want me to record a tutorial on how to set up Instagram ads and I’ll post it in the next What’s Working Wednesday.  

Have a great week!

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