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What's Working Wednesday: Live Trainings

What's Working Wednesday: Live Trainings

Today on What’s Working Wednesday, where we share what’s working in this digital marketing adventure, we’re talking about using live online events to promote your product or service.

I have to say, I was very resistant to using live events when I put together my launch strategy.  When I say live events, I’m referring to webinars, live streams, Periscope, live trainings, Facebook Live, Google Hangouts, etc. I felt I was getting inundated with invitations to live webinars and my customers would be exhausted by it, too. I am used to signing up for a live webinar only to find out that the information is mediocre, encompasses about 15-20 mins of a 90 minute presentation, and it all led to a promotion at the end I wasn’t expecting.

So, at first, I didn’t include it at all.  But I was promoting an online course so I needed to include a give away that showed people what the course was like on the inside and my style of training. I opted to give away a sneak peek at the course which was four lessons from the first module of the actual course.

The final conversion rate, or number of subscribers to the sneak peek compared to ad impressions came to .15%.  We used this number because it shows exactly how effective the ad was.  We had much higher conversions for impressions vs. clicks, but just clicking on an ad does not mean the person took action. You lose people along the way with every step they have to take.

When that promotion ended, I knew I didn’t have enough subscribers and I also felt the sneak peek didn’t give a feel for the material the course covered. So I decided to host a live training called “The 8 Steps to the Sale” which was an overview of the 8 steps we cover in detail in the course.

We ran ads for the live training which converted at .18%.  

Finally, when we ran an ad for a limited time replay of the live training you “missed,” we got a .35% conversion rate. 

So what did we learn? People indeed are more motivated by a live training than a recorded one because live trainings immediately impose a sense of urgency, even if a replay is offered.  If it’s live, it can only happen that way once.

Secondly, we learned that what is even better at converting than live trainings, is the replay of a live training, especially when the ad read something like: “Missed the live training? Get the replay here until 3/11” This converts because the fear of missing out on something is even higher than the sense of urgency.

I know I’m not putting out any ‘new’ information here.  But no matter what you’re marketing, you’ll go through a trial and error as well.  Keeping in mind these principles can influence the changes you make if you are not getting the results you want.

What’s working for you? Let us know in the comments section!

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