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Monday Morning Motivator Meeting

I'm sharing what I learned recruiting, training, and leading a commission-only B2B startup sales team from $0- $100M In three years so you can launch your vision and mission into the world with a direct sales team that dominates the market and makes competition irrelevant!

I go LIVE every Monday at 9am EST at to share some quick motivation to get your sales week going.

Come join me LIVE to say "Hi!" and ask questions or catch the replay here.

Success: What's holding you back from yours?

I was convinced after now being out of high school for 20 years, that I would never use Calculus in every day life.  Except when it comes to spirituality, enlightenment, and success, it made a surprise appearance.

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Rejection: No one likes it. Here's how to get over it.

They say sales requires a tough skin, but having a tough skin may mean you're not able to empathize on an emotional level with your clients.  As we learned in your free Sales Psychology lesson, decisions are made first emotionally and backed up with logic.  So how do you make sales (or not make them) without running home to scarf down a pint of Ben & Jerry's every time someone says, "No,"? Find out in this video. 

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The F Test: How to sell what your customer is buying

We all see life differently. We have opinions and preconceptions that shape how we see things. There is no such thing as fact. What is true for you is true.  And what is true for someone else is true for them. But when you're trying to market something, and you see the world differently than your ideal client, there is no way you will be able to communicate with them until you see life from their eyes. 

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Listening Test: Are you really a good listener? Take this test to find out!

Hey, it's easy to SAY you're a good listener, but are you, really??  Take this test to find out! 

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Relationship vs. Transactional Selling

One thing that makes selling seem icky, sleazy and just plain annoying, is that people approach sales as transactional when the most successful selling strategies are centered around relationships.  But how do you know which one you're doing? Watch this video to find out.

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About JPM Sales Partners

JPM Sales Partners is a Sales Recruiting, Training and Consulting firm that specializes in helping Entrepreneurs & Sales Leaders with a strong mission to achieve their sales goals. 

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The information in this website is for informational and promotional purposes only. The courses and services we advocate will not make you an overnight sales success because you have to do the work. We're here to give you the tools, the insights, and the support you need to transform how you view the sales process and how you pitch to others. If you put in the effort, we know you'll reap the rewards.

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