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Is it possible to be financially successful and spiritually enlightened at the same time?

In all probability, many spiritually-minded people would refute this, in view of the common belief that one can be either material or eternal – but not both. Conversely, one finds people in pursuit of material success, who share the belief that to be wealthy one must be underhanded in some way. After all, “it’s a jungle out there,” and, “only the strong survive.”

In the book, “The Spirituality of Success – Getting Rich With Integrity,” I contend that

It is impossible to be successful without simultaneously being spiritual.

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CONSCIOUS SLEEP: The Worst Disease to Hit Mankind

Over the course of the years, I’ve seen so many gifted individuals lose the success they deserved because of their emotions.

One of the easiest mistakes to make is arriving at a business decision based primarily on emotion. In the heat of experiencing the feeling, we invariably make the wrong decision. It’s important to note here that I am not referring to the “feeling” or intuition that we may get about a business deal or condition. I’m talking about making a decision while feeling angry, unappreciated, betrayed, scared, or even happy, confident, or fortunate.

I realize that feeling these emotions may be commonplace at any given point in a day, but it’s the intensity of the emotions that govern the feasibility of making important decisions. If your emotions are “in play,” if you’re experiencing any emotion to a heightened degree, positive or negative, hold off any important decisions, business or otherwise, until your emotions are no longer “in play.”

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In any one day, you have a limited amount of creative energy at your disposal. Much of this energy is depleted just in carrying out the activities necessary for survival and responsible living. There is no escaping these outputs of energy. However, there are many activities we engage in that are really unnecessary and waste our energy because they do not provide the bare necessities or bring us closer to our dreams.

Ultimately, your achievement of success will depend on how wisely you use the creative energy available to you.

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No matter what product you are selling there are a specific number of steps that result in completing the sale. Individually, we all have a certain degree of success in each step along the way to the final sale. In fact, an insight to the sales process is that each one of these steps is a sale in itself, and subject to the same rules that govern the sales process as a whole. The normal sales process is such:

  1. The Appointment

  2. Pre-qualifying

  3. Presentation of Product

  4. Objections

  5. Closing the Sale

  6. Cementing the Sale

  7. Referrals

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Abundance Mentality For Success

Thanks Giving is something we need to practice year round to acknowledge all that we have to be thankful for in life. Whether it be family, friends or simply the fact that we awoke to live another day. It's always time to celebrate abundance in love, blessings and of course food! But, something that most people do not realize is that the abundance mentality that we share on Thanksgiving is elemental to achieving financial success in our lives.

When we choose to focus on all of our blessings, instead of that which we lack…we attract more abundance into our lives. (CLICK TO TWEET)

Did you ever notice while driving that if you let your gaze fall to the left side of the road, you car automatically begins to drift to the left? If you were to then let your gaze fall to the right side of the road, your car would drift to the right respectively. This is an example of how our focus determines our course not only on the road, but in life. When you let your gaze fall on the positive in life, on all of the good things you have to be thankful for, you will attract more of the same into your life. When you focus on the negative aspects of your life, you will drift towards more negative.

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