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We know finding quality salespeople can be a nightmare and the cost of hiring the wrong person is greater than not hiring anyone.

We get it.

We’re here to help.

We’ve been recruiting salespeople for 50+ years combined, and after interviewing, training and managing thousands of salespeople, we have developed StealthEQ, the Undercover Sales Etiquette Assessment. The assessment, coupled with our proven process for recruiting passive candidates, allows us to deliver top-notch candidates at all experience levels.

Our full-service fee-based recruiting service includes a three-step interview process so only highly eligible candidates are submitted for your consideration. 

New!: We're adding The Sales Launch Code with every placement.  You teach them about your product and company, we'll make sure they develop effective prospecting strategies, scripts, and systems to manage it all.


  • Fee = Fee based on a percentage of the 1st year base salary contingent on successful placement.  We do not include commissions or bonuses in our fee.
  • Guarantee:  All placements are protected by a 90-day guarantee.
  • Training: To give your new salespeople the best foundation possible, we offer complimentary access to the Sales Launch Code.
  • Results of the StealthEQ Undercover Sales Assessment.  Our patent-pending 80 point assessment is the first of its kind to be administered by the interviewer, not taken by the candidate.  It delivers results in 8 different categories assessing candidates on their sales acumen and emotional intelligence.

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What is Stealth EQ?

StealthEQ Revealed

We're launching StealthEQ to the public through a select group of partners.  Please complete the contact form below and we'll reach out to schedule an appointment.



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JPM Sales Partners is a Sales Recruiting, Training and Consulting firm that specializes in helping Entrepreneurs & Sales Leaders with a strong mission to achieve their sales goals. 

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