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What is Sales Musicology?

Sales Musicology leverages the transformative power of music to make selling effortless and irresistible so you can make all your wildest sales fantasies come true.   




The study of Emotional Intelligence proves that prospects make decisions first emotionally and back them up with logic.  A sale is not made until an emotional transformation takes place.

Think about your favorite song for a moment. Music has the ability to transform on an emotional level very quickly (less than 3 minutes) - so what can we learn from music to help us be more effective at sales?  This is how Sales Musicology was born - the study of sales as music. 

Most sales methods focus on the logic, the mere 10% that makes a sale successful. This includes techniques, processes, and mental manipulation. But to be masterful at anything, whether it be music, martial arts, or golf, you have to transcend the science and master the art.  This is where JPM picks up.

To be great at sales, you need to become a great artist, and to be a great sales trainer, you need to know how to develop great artists.  That includes cultivating creativity, unleashing improvisation, eliminating ego, finding flow-state, and leveraging the laws of the universe to accelerate your income and impact. As a salesperson, you must awaken the muse and as a sales coach, you must become the alchemist.

JPM Sales Partners focuses on teaching the 90% that is “unteachable…” until now. Embody the success you desire and the potential bubbling within you. As an award-winning musician and university-trained artist, Jessica can show you how better than anyone else, with her step-by-step, results-driven Sales Musicology Method that guarantees results.


 It's time to make your wildest sales fantasies come true. 

About JPM Sales Partners

JPM Sales Partners is a Luxury Sales Coaching Conservatory. Sales Musicology™️ is the sound barrier-breaking new method that harnesses the transformative power of music to make your wildest sales fantasies come true.

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